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When two of the finest creative thinkers in magic get together, there is an inevitable outpouring of theory, digital skill, originality, and presentation that opens new avenues of performance. These are guaranteed to delight the close-up magician be he beginner or advanced practitioner.

Here for the first time, two giants of conceptual magic combine to chronicle their creative ideas - the result of long, all day, regular weekly meetings that have taken place over a matter of years.

Wherever a pack of cards is shuffled, Jack Avis and Lewis Jones have been acclaimed world-wide for their original writings and contributions in magazines, books, and other sources of high profile magic.

Ahead of the Pack is a book that will undoubtedly stir the blood of true magic aficionados everywhere. In the pages of this book you will find devilish thinking that comes from a half century of passion and commitment to the creation of stunning magic in the mould of Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Alex Elmsley, John Ramsay, and Al Koran.

Here you will find gems that have been guarded secrets for ages, hitherto lodged in volumes of hand-written notebooks. Lewis Jones's amazing telephone effect Mystral is a mind-reading principle in which "people can make a free choice of virtually anything". 

And Jack Avis releases for the first time a totally new handling of the Centre-Tear that requires no palming, and no turning away for a secret glimpse - a method that will surely be welcomed into the repertoire of mentalists everywhere.

Just two highly imaginative ideas from an original and creative magic duo that together with sixty other new ideas, moves, and routines, will unquestionably find their way into the annals of 21st century quality magic.

288 pages

Hardback with coloured dust jacket

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