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As if by Magic, a book of magic tricks invented by Lewis Jones. It includes card magic, business card magic, and a magic square effect.

Card effects, including —

  • Box Number. All the choices (colour, suit, value) come from the spectator, but she ends up with the lone card in the card-box
  • Ding Dong. How to remember cards without memorising them.
  • Copy Cat. You genuinely have no idea which card someone thought of, or where it is. Yet you cause the chosen card to appear in his hand.
  • The Devil’s Triangle. Combine three people’ s birthdays to lead you to the target card.
  • Second Strike. A spectator chooses any card from a face-up deck: it’s the only card with a different back.
  • You Think, I Think. You read one spectator’ s mind, and another spectator reads yours.
  • Wish list. A spectator uses her birth date to find the object she wants most on her wish list.
  • The Three Magi. Three spectators become magicians, and do a trick or you.
  • Memory Deck. The much-requested memory system you can learn in five minutes.

   Plus two bonus non-card routines —

  • Word for word. Someone writes any word on a business card: you do the same. Guess what?
  • Birthday Squared. The magic square that produces a spectator’s birthday

10 x 7 inches (246 x 175 mm) softback 121 pages, with photographic illustrations.

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