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Usually, it will be the spectator’s name, but it could be anything: his marital state, the kind of car he drives, the names of his children or household pets, the book he’s currently reading, his favourite movie, whatever suits the occasion. The spectator’s personal data represent the kind of person he is, and the image of himself that he wants to present to the world. This is his persona. All the effects use ordinary cards: no gimmicks or props.

    •    Study for two hands. Spectators shuffle and spell-deal their names with cards in their own hands, yet produce unbeatable Blackjack and Poker hands.    

    •    Watch this space. A spectator causes her freely chosen card to turn over in the deck, move to a chosen location, turn invisible, then re- appear magically in the middle of the table.

    •    The bond. Two partners shuffle, then spell-deal their own names: this produces matching cards, which tell them how long they have been together.

    •    The rainbow test. A card trick without cards. Anyone mentally chooses a secret suit and value and puts them together to create a card. You read his mind.

    •    The infinity count. Reach any target card by spell-dealing a stranger’s name and personal details.

    •    Call security. One spectator hacks into another spectator’s bank account.

    •    Lexicon. Anyone chooses three cards, re-arranges them in any order to form a page number, and selects a word. You divine it without any questions.

    •    Poetic licence. Spectators select secret words, then merely think of any words that rhyme with them. You read their minds without any questions.

    •    The invisible deck. Anyone chooses an invisible card from an invisible deck. The card suddenly appears visible.

10 x 7 inches (246 x 175 mm)


78 pages, with photographic illustrations

Normal International Price (Including Postage) £25.00.

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