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What people have said about Lewis Jones’s Books.

What they say about The Magic Gourmet:

If you are looking for a stimulating book of magic, mostly but not entirely involving cards, a book which consists of tricks which will take a bit of work but are worth it, I highly recommend Lewis Jones’s The Magic Gourmet.

              — Matthew Field (Magic Circular, January 2008)

This book has something, actually a lot, for most magicians. It is a pleasant read, has many photographs, contains world-class close-up magic, and it is all easy to do! Highly recommended.

              — Paul A. Lelekis (The Linking Ring, January 2008)

What they say about Ahead of the Pack:

Knowledgeable readers will need no reminder from me that Jack Avis and Lewis Jones are two of the most creative card enthusiasts around ... I can’t imagine any cardician not wanting this book, and certainly I recommend it. However, if you do mentalism, this book is a must.

           — Phil Willmarth The Linking Ring

JackAvis and Lewis Jones have authored a book that is unique in the multi-faceted opportunities for entertaining with cards that it presents. You will fool people with tricks from this book.

           — David Regal Genii

Ahead of the Pack works on many levels. Pros will find routines that could enter their working repertoires. The hobbyist will find a ton of tricks to puzzle their magic buddies. And those who enjoy creating variations will find fertile ground to explore here. Ahead of the Pack should be in your library.

           — Michael Close Magic

The physical quality of the book is beautiful, the writing concise, easy to follow and entertaining, the illustrations first-rate and the material excellent. What more can one want? The book represents excellent value, and I recommend it highly.

           — Roy Walton

... such a beautifully produced book. I started reading it last night and couldn't put it down - such a diverse variety of material.

           — Peter Duffie

I devoured the book over the weekend and am very excited by the contents. This is a valuable addition to my library!

           — Steve Beam.

This is one of the most beautifully designed magic books that I have seen for many a year. The cover is staggering and the contents and the concept of the book are terrific. This is an excellent book that is packed with brilliant material.

           — Martin Breese

It is not often that I read a magic book that is such a wealth of information. "Ahead of the Pack" comes unreservedly recommended.

           — Rob James Magic Week

It's wonderful on all counts, and I've uncovered several items that will immediately enter my repertoire, a very high hit rate.

          — Steve Bryant Little Egypt Gazette

Avis and Jones, who meet once a week for magic sessions, have come up with some unique approaches to standard material, as diverse as twists on the double lift and the center tear. I further found that two minds intrigued with magic can devise some nifty routines, as well.

          — David GoodsellMUM

I love cards, but I really love mentalism! Ahead of the Pack is packed with top end material in both categories. I can't make you read it, but if you don't you will soon be fooled.

          — Bob Kohler

These are the creations of two well-read, intelligent, clear-thinking, knowledgeable gentlemen with an ability to create - and an appreciation and respect for - good, strong, easy-to-follow magic. I recommend this book to you.

          — Anthony Owen

And about other books . . .

I highly recommend the Lewis Jones set of card books ... I know that most magicians will go through life performing the same six or seven tricks ... Me too, but I have added several to my permanent performance range, thanks to Lewis. 

              — Paul Daniels

Do not buy these books. They give away too many secrets.

              — Penn and Teller

Lewis Jones really does ponder his subject at length. In this respect I am reminded of Paul Curry and Stewart James ... His thoughtful and analytical approach is not at all out of place in such company.

              — Al Smith (Abra)

Back in 2001, I was sharply chastized for mentioning Lewis Jones, then a little-known British card genius whose manuscripts were closely guarded by those fortunate to have acquired them ... For those unfamiliar with Lewis Jones, he is an original of the stripe of Jerry Andrus, Simon Aronson, and Lennart Green. In Jones’ case, his originality lies in a depth of thinking that leads to why-didn’t-I-think-of-that sleights or to devilishly clever mathematical (often self-working) mysteries. Jones’ trick descriptions will tantalize you. They read like dealer ads, yet, unlike many dealer ads, they deliver on their promises. 

              — Steve Bryant (Little Egypt Magic)

Lewis Jones is one of the great creative minds in magic. He specialises in close-up card magic with an ungaffed deck, placing the emphasis on ingenuity rather than sleights ... Lewis has a remarkable mind, which, allied to a profound knowledge of existing card methodology, comes up with alarmingly baffling plots and equally deceptive methods. 

              — Ian Rowland

I was reminded of the creations of Stewart James. 

              — Michael Close (Magic)

Among authors of card magic, Lewis is easily in my top ten. His approach is off the wall and his results are out of this world. 

              — Steve Beam (The Linking Ring)

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